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Some practical advices and precepts  on this subject from some Illuminated Blessed Sages and Saints may be useful   in guiding the sincere spiritual aspirants and students of the 'Science of  the Soul'.”Minute sensitive waves of 'thought-current' are constantly and   habitually scattered and wasted in the outer direction towards materialistic   world, and are spent, absorbed and lost in materialism. These extroverted   thought-waves have to be collected, concentrated and re-directed inwards --   to the Source of Divine Light i.e. our Soul" This reverse process of   mind, from 'extrovert' to 'introvert', is called 'Meditation' or 'Simran'. The   easiest process of Meditation is to concentrate the mind on the divine Word   -'SHABAD' or 'GUR-MANTAR', and repeat it continuously for some minutes in the   beginning. The duration of meditation should be increased gradually with   practice. Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and meditate at a   fixed time, regularly everyday, morning and evening and at any other   available time. Repeat the 'Gur Mantar' in a low voice, so that you can hear   the whisper of Gur Mantar, uttered by yourself. By this simple method,   concentration on the 'WORD' becomes easy and smooth. This is the preliminary   technique for the beginners only. In due course, with consistent practice,   the 'Gur-Mantar' will imperceptibly dissolve into 'SHABAD' i.e. the word-less   'LIVING WORD', vibrating with Sublime Thrill, Bliss, Joy and Love. At this   stage, Meditation i.e. 'Simran', becomes effortless, automatic, spontaneous   and enjoyable. For the practice of concentration and meditation, the   following things are essential: silence, solitude, regularity, guidance, and   company of Awakened and Illuminated Saints,i.e. Sadh Sangat, blessed with   Divine Grace and Light.

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13 Dec 2013
Va recomand un joc de strategie in care faceti bani reali, combinati utilul cu placutul ;) dupa o perioada puteti ajunge si la un castig de 2000 euro pe luna !!!! Doar incercati si veti vedea!˙

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