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Ab mohi jeevan padvee paa-ee
September 5 2013 Ab mohi jeevan padvee paa-ee
Raag Maaroo Mehlaa 5 Shabad: ab mohi jeevan padvee paa-ee

In this Shabad, Sachay Patshah Sree Guru Arjun Dev ji Maharaj, is telling us, the key to behold Wahiguru in our hearts and minds. He says: Cheet aa-i-o man Purakh Vidhaataa, Santan kee sarnaa-ee This means, when I got the shelter at the Charan Kamal of a Sant Jan, a Gurmukh .... Wahiguru Akal Purukh, came to abide in my mind. He clearly says, this is the way to devote oneself to Wahiguru .... by getting in the company, in the sangat of a Sadh, a Gurmukh.

Brothers.... we should carefully pay attention to the Amrit Bani of our Guru Sahibans, their words are not meant for a past generation of some hundred yeras back.... their words are evergreen, for all times: past, present and future. Parlays(Dissolutions), or Mahaparlays(Grand Dissolutions), may come infinte times, but the words of Guru Sahibans are as eternal as them, not a single coma, letter or word can be added or changed, their value is unchangeable, however we manmukhs may try to do so .... we are the loosers if we do so .... so let us take the Bani literally, without changing the meaning to our tastes or points of views, and then we can taste the sweet Amrit contained in it. From Gurmukhs we get Gurmat ... and by following Gurmat only ... we get united with Wahiguru Akal Purukh. So what is Gurmat? Gurmat is not rituals or karam kaands.

Gurmat is living life practically in accordance with Guru's bachan and principals, with which, we get the almighty Akal Purukh. And that Gurmat is: His Gurparsad. That is why the Bani says: Jevad Aap, tevad Teree daat. Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Himself gives Himself, to those few wadbhagee jeevas, who go and take shelter at the Sharan Kamal of a Gurmukh of their times, according to the pure paviter Bani of our Guru Sahibans and any true Gurmukhs of any time and place, like those mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib. All and each one of them stress only on one thing: Bin Navay, nahee kou thaou. There is no shore for you to lean on, if you do not do Nam Bhakti according to Gurmat.

Satguru miley taa, Gurmat paee. Wah wah Sachay Patshah.

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13 Dec 2013
Va recomand un joc de strategie in care faceti bani reali, combinati utilul cu placutul ;) dupa o perioada puteti ajunge si la un castig de 2000 euro pe luna !!!! Doar incercati si veti vedea!˙

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