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Ekas Sio Chit Laye - Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at Faridabad
Bhai Sahib Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at faridabad samagam sireeraag mehalaa 5 || sabhae thhok paraapathae jae aavai eik hathh || janam padhaarathh safal hai jae sachaa sabadh kathh || gur thae mehal paraapathae jis likhiaa hovai mathh ||1|| maerae man eaekas sio chith laae || eaekas bin sabh dhha(n)dhh hai sabh mithhiaa mohu maae ||1|| rehaao || lakh khuseeaa paathisaaheeaa jae sathigur nadhar karaee || nimakh eaek har naam dhaee maeraa man than seethal hoe || jis ko poorab likhiaa thin sathigur charan gehae ||2|| safal moorath safalaa gharree jith sachae naal piaar || dhookh sa(n)thaap n lagee jis har kaa naam adhhaar || baah pakarr gur kaadtiaa soee outhariaa paar ||3|| thhaan suhaavaa pavith hai jithhai sa(n)th sabhaa || dtoee this hee no milai jin pooraa guroo labhaa || naanak badhhaa ghar thehaa(n) jithhai mirath n janam jaraa ||4||6||76|| Siree Raag, Fifth Mehla: All things are received if the One is obtained. The precious gift of this human life becomes fruitful when one chants the True Word of the Shabad. One who has such destiny written on his forehead enters the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, through the Guru. ||1|| O my mind, focus your consciousness on the One. Without the One, all entanglements are worthless; emotional attachment to Maya is totally false. ||1||Pause|| Hundreds of thousands of princely pleasures are enjoyed, if the True Guru bestows His Glance of Grace. If He bestows the Name of the Lord, for even a moment, my mind and body are cooled and soothed. Those who have such pre-ordained destiny hold tight to the Feet of the True Guru. ||2|| Fruitful is that moment, and fruitful is that time, when one is in love with the True Lord. Suffering and sorrow do not touch those who have the Support of the Name of the Lord. Grasping him by the arm, the Guru lifts them up and out, and carries them across to the other side. ||3|| Embellished and immaculate is that place where the Saints gather together. He alone finds shelter, who has met the Perfect Guru. Nanak builds his house upon that site where there is no death, no birth, and no old age. ||4||6||76||

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