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Satsangat Sio Mildo Rahe - Dodra Sangat at Doraha
Kirtan by Dodra Brahm bunga Sangat at Gurdwara Shri Brahm Bunga Sahib, Doraha - Punjab.
sloku m: 3 ] kydwrw rwgw ivic jwxIAY BweI sbdy kry ipAwru ] sqsMgiq isau imldo rhY scy Dry ipAwru ] ivchu mlu kty AwpxI kulw kw kry auDwru ] guxw kI rwis sMgRhY Avgx kFY ivfwir ] nwnk imilAw so jwxIAY gurU n CofY Awpxw dUjY n Dry ipAwru ]1]

Salok, Third Mehla: Among the ragas, Kaydaaraa Raga is known as good, O Siblings of Destiny, if through it, one comes to love the Word of the Shabad, and if one remains in the Soceity of the Saints, and enshrines love for the True Lord. Such a person washes away the pollution from within, and saves his generations as well. He gathes in the capital of virtue, and destroys and drives out unvirtuous sins. O Nanak, he alone is known as united, who does not forsake his Guru, and who does not love duality. ||1||

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