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AKJ Damdama Sahib 2013 - Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji at Damdama Sahib Delhi
Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Delhi at Akhand Kirtan Raen Sabhai Samagam at Gurdwara Shri Damdama Sahib on July 20th, 2013
isrIrwgu mhlw 5 Gru 5 ] jwnau nhI BwvY kvn bwqw ] mn Koij mwrgu ]1] rhwau ] iDAwnI iDAwnu lwvih ] igAwnI igAwnu kmwvih ] pRBu ikn hI jwqw ]1] BgauqI rhq jugqw ] jogI khq mukqw ] qpsI qpih rwqw ]2] monI moinDwrI ] sinAwsI bRhmcwrI ] audwsI audwis rwqw ]3] Bgiq nvY prkwrw ] pMifqu vydu pukwrw ] igrsqI igrsiq Drmwqw ]4] iek sbdI bhu rUip AvDUqw ] kwpVI kauqy jwgUqw ] ieik qIriQ nwqw ]5] inrhwr vrqI Awprsw ] ieik lUik n dyvih drsw ] ieik mn hI igAwqw ]6] Gwit n ikn hI khwieAw ] sB khqy hY pwieAw ] ijsu myly so Bgqw ]7] sgl aukiq aupwvw ] iqAwgI srin pwvw ] nwnku gur crix prwqw ]8]2]27]

Siree Raag, Fifth Mehla, Fifth House: I do not know what pleases my Lord. O mind, seek out the way! ||1||Pause|| The meditatives practice meditation, and the wise practice spiritual wisdom, but how rare are those who know God! ||1|| The worshipper of Bhagaauti practices self-discipline, the Yogi speaks of liberation, and the ascetic is absorbed in asceticism. ||2|| The men of silence observe silence, the Sanyaasees observe celibacy, and the Udaasees abide in detachment. ||3|| There are nine forms of devotional worship. The Pandits recite the Vedas. The householders assert their faith in family life. ||4|| Those who utter only One Word, those who take many forms, the naked renunciates, the wearers of patched coats, the magicians, those who remain always awake, and those who bathe at holy places of pilgrimage-||5|| Those who go without food, those who never touch others, the hermits who never show themselves, and those who are wise in their own minds-||6|| Of these, no one admits to any deficiency; all say that they have found the Lord. But he alone is a devotee, whom the Lord has united with Himself. ||7|| Abandoning all devices and contrivances, I have sought His Sanctuary. Nanak has fallen at the Feet of the Guru. ||8||2||27||

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Artist:Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Delhi
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