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Ardas Kari Prabh Apne Aage - Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at Delhi
Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at the Annual Gurmat Kirtan Samagam at New Mahavi Nagar, New Delhi
sUhI mhlw 5 ] quDu iciq Awey mhw AnMdw ijsu ivsrih so mir jwey ] dieAwlu hovih ijsu aUpir krqy so quDu sdw iDAwey ]1] myry swihb qUM mY mwxu inmwxI ] Ardwis krI pRB Apny AwgY suix suix jIvw qyrI bwxI ]1] rhwau ] crx DUiV qyry jn kI hovw qyry drsn kau bil jweI ] AMimRq bcn irdY auir DwrI qau ikrpw qy sMgu pweI ]2] AMqr kI giq quDu pih swrI quDu jyvfu Avru n koeI ] ijs no lwie lYih so lwgY Bgqu quhwrw soeI ]3] duie kr joiV mwgau ieku dwnw swihib quTY pwvw ] swis swis nwnku AwrwDy AwT phr gux gwvw ]4]9]56]

Soohee, Fifth Mehla: When You come to mind, I am totally in bliss. One who forgets You might just as well be dead. That being, whom You bless with Your Mercy, O Creator Lord, constantly meditates on You. ||1|| O my Lord and Master, You are the honor of the dishonored such as me. I offer my prayer to You, God; listening, listening to the Word of Your Bani, I live. ||1||Pause|| May I become the dust of the feet of Your humble servants. I am a sacrifice to the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. I enshrine Your Ambrosial Word within my heart. By Your Grace, I have found the Company of the Holy. ||2|| I place the state of my inner being before You; there is no other as great as You. He alone is attached, whom You attach; he alone is Your devotee. ||3|| With my palms pressed together, I beg for this one gift; O my Lord and Master, if it pleases You, I shall obtain it. With each and every breath, Nanak adores You; twenty-four hours a day, I sing Your Glorious Praises. ||4||9||56||

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