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Ek Bhagat Narain - Bhai Dalbir Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi at Delho
Bhai Dalbir Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi Shri Harimandir Sahib at New Delhi Gurmat Samagam.
bsMqu mhlw 9 ] mn khw ibswirE rwm nwmu ] qnu ibnsY jm isau prY kwmu ]1] rhwau ] iehu jgu DUey kw phwr ] qY swcw mwinAw ikh ibcwir ]1] Dnu dwrw sMpiq gRyh ] kCu sMig n cwlY smJ lyh ]2] iek Bgiq nwrwien hoie sMig ] khu nwnk Bju iqh eyk rMig ]3]4]

Basant, Ninth Mehla: O my mind, how can you forget the Lord's Name? When the body perishes, you shall have to deal with the Messenger of Death. ||1||Pause|| This world is just a hill of smoke. What makes you think that it is real? ||1|| Wealth, spouse, property and household - none of them shall go along with you; you must know that this is true! ||2|| Only devotion to the Lord shall go with you. Says Nanak, vibrate and meditate on the Lord with single-minded love. ||3||4||

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