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Avoh Meet Piare - Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi at Delhi
Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi Shri Harimandir Sahib at Gurmat Kirtan Samagam at Krishna Park, New Delhi
Awvhu mIq ipAwry ] mMgl gwvhu nwry ] scu mMglu gwvhu qw pRB Bwvhu soihlVw jug cwry ] ApnY Gir AwieAw Qwin suhwieAw kwrj sbid svwry ] igAwn mhw rsu nyqRI AMjnu iqRBvx rUpu idKwieAw ] sKI imlhu ris mMglu gwvhu hm Gir swjnu AwieAw ]2]

Come, my beloved friends, and sing the songs of joy, O sisters. Sing the true songs of joy and God will be pleased. You shall be celebrated throughout the four ages. My Husband Lord has come into my home, and my place is adorned and decorated. Through the Shabad, my affairs have been resolved. Applying the ointment, the supreme essence, of divine wisdom to my eyes, I see the Lord's form throughout the three worlds. So join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of joy and delight; my friends have come into my home. ||2||

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