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Tu hai waho - Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi at Delhi
Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji Hajuri Ragi - Shri Harimandir Sahib at New Delhi
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Prabhaatee, First Mehla: No one can hold anyone back from coming; how could anyone hold anyone back from going? He alone thoroughly understands this, from whom all beings come; all are merged and immersed in Him. ||1|| Waaho! - You are Great, and Wondrous is Your Will. Whatever You do, surely comes to pass. Nothing else can happen. ||1||Pause|| The buckets on the chain of the Persian wheel rotate; one empties out to fill another. This is just like the Play of our Lord and Master; such is His Glorious Greatness. ||2|| Following the path of intuitive awareness, one turns away from the world, and one's vision is enlightened. Contemplate this in your mind, and see, O spiritual teacher. Who is the householder, and who is the renunciate? ||3|| Hope comes from the Lord; surrendering to Him, we remain in the state of nirvaanaa. We come from Him; surrendering to Him, O Nanak, one is approved as a householder, and a renunciate. ||4||8||

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