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Chet Govind Aradhiye - Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at sohana
Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at the Annual Gurmat Samagam - Sohana
cyiq goivMdu ArwDIAY hovY AnMdu Gxw ] sMq jnw imil pweIAY rsnw nwmu Bxw ] ijin pwieAw pRBu Awpxw Awey iqsih gxw ] ieku iKnu iqsu ibnu jIvxw ibrQw jnmu jxw ] jil Qil mhIAil pUirAw rivAw ivic vxw ] so pRBu iciq n AwveI ikqVw duKu gxw ] ijnI rwivAw so pRBU iqMnw Bwgu mxw ] hir drsn kMau mnu locdw nwnk ipAws mnw ] cyiq imlwey so pRBU iqs kY pwie lgw ]2]

In the month of Chayt, by meditating on the Lord of the Universe, a deep and profound joy arises. Meeting with the humble Saints, the Lord is found, as we chant His Name with our tongues. Those who have found God-blessed is their coming into this world. Those who live without Him, for even an instant-their lives are rendered useless. The Lord is totally pervading the water, the land, and all space. He is contained in the forests as well. Those who do not remember God-how much pain must they suffer. Those who dwell upon their God have great good fortune. My mind yearns for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan. O Nanak, my mind is so thirsty. I touch the feet of one who unites me with God in the month of Chayt.

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