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AKJ Malviya Ngr - Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Delhi at Delhi
Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Delhi at Akhand Kirtan Raen Sabhai Samagam at Malviya Nagar, Delhi on April 19, 2014.
slok mhlw 5 ] qyrw kIqw jwqo nwhI mYno jogu kIqoeI ] mY inrguixAwry ko guxu nwhI Awpy qrsu pieEeI ] qrsu pieAw imhrwmiq hoeI siqguru sjxu imilAw ] nwnk nwmu imlY qW jIvW qnu mnu QIvY hirAw ]1]

Salok, Fifth Mehla: I have not appreciated what You have done for me, Lord; only You can make me worthy. I am unworthy - I have no worth or virtues at all. You have taken pity on me. You took pity on me, and blessed me with Your Mercy, and I have met the True Guru, my Friend. O Nanak, if I am blessed with the Naam, I live, and my body and mind blossom forth. ||1||

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