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Guru Granth Sahib's Beadbi at Delhi case
New Delhi, 12.Aug.2010 - Baani.Net In a shocking incident, sikh sangat of Tans-Yamuna area has recovered 1000+ saroops of Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib from a basement-store abandoned from 15 years. The mud filled basement was storing Guru Granth sahib's saroops, Sanchies, Kirtan Pothis, Sundar Gutkas and other religious literature in Gurmukhi, hindi, english and other languages. It took 4 trucks to carry all the Gurbani literature to Gudwara Dera Baba Karam Singh for sewa. Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were in un-imaginably bad & heart-throbbing condition. Most of them were not even hard-bound. Sewer water damaged more than 80 percent of Saroops and other literature. A 3 member committee is sent from Akal Takht Sahib to prepare investigate report on entire case. Meanwhile an F.I.R. is registered by Sangat at local police station. The basement was reportedly owned by controversial Chelaram Trust of Delhi. Video shows the condition of the recovered Saroops and literature, along with interviews of the sangat and Gurdwara Authorities. Sangat is doing cleaning sewa of recovered saroops from 9am to 10pm daily that is assumed to be continued for entire month.

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