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Daata Ohu Na Mangiye _ Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Ji
Daata Ohu Na Mangiye Phir Mangann Jaiye...Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Ji Hauri Raagi shri Darbar sahib Ji dhaathaa ouhu n ma(n)geeai fir ma(n)gan jaaeeai|| hoshhaa saahu n keechee fir pashhothaaeeai|| saahib ouhu n saeveeai jam dda(n)dd sehaaeeai|| houmai rog n kattee ouhu vaidh n laaeeai|| dhuramath mail n outharai kiou(n) theerathh naaeeai|| peer mureedhaa(n) pireharree sukh sehaj samaaeeai ||15|| Ask not for a giver from whom you shall have to appeal to another. Employ not a brusque banker who will afterwards make you repent. Serve not such a master as will render you liable to death punishment. Engage not a physician who cannot cure the malady of pride. What is the use of bathing the body at the places of pilgrimage if the filth of evil inclinations is not cleansed. The Love between the Guru and the disciples brings happiness and composure.(15)

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Artist:Lakhwinder Singh, Harimandir Sahib
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