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Jin Wadyai Tere Naam Ki _ Baldev Singh Ji Wadala
Jin Wadyai Tere Naam Ki by Bhai Sahib Baldev Singh Ji Wadala Hazuri Ragi Shri Darbar Sahib Performing at the Ropar Samagam.

slok mhlw 2 ]
ijn vifAweI qyry nwm kI qy rqy mn mwih ]
nwnk AMimRqu eyku hY dUjw AMimRqu nwih ]
nwnk AMimRqu mnY mwih pweIAY gur prswid ]
iqn@I pIqw rMg isau ijn@ kau iliKAw Awid ]1]

salok mehalaa 2 ||
jin vaddiaaee thaerae naam kee thae rathae man maahi ||
naanak a(n)mrith eaek hai dhoojaa a(n)mrith naahi ||
naanak a(n)mrith manai maahi paaeeai gur parasaadh ||
thinhee peethaa ra(n)g sio jinh ko likhiaa aadh ||1||

Salok Second Mehla:
Those who are blessed with the glorious greatness of Your Name - their minds are imbued with Your Love.
O Nanak there is only One Ambrosial Nectar; there is no other nectar at all.
O Nanak the Ambrosial Nectar is obtained within the mind by Guru s Grace.
They alone drink it in with love who have such pre-ordained destiny. ||1||

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