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Tere Nam Aneka by Bhai Inderjeet Singh Ji Bombay Wale at Delhi
Bhai Sahib Inderjeet Singh Ji Khalsa Hajuri Ragi Shri Harimandir Sahib at Krishna Park New Delhi Aasaa, Fourth House, First Mehla: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: The Gods, yearning for the Blessed Vision of the Lords Darshan, suffered through pain and hunger at the sacred shrines. The yogis and the celibates live their disciplined lifestyle, while others wear saffron robes and become hermits. ||1|| For Your sake, O Lord Master, they are imbued with love. Your Names are so many, and Your Forms are endless. No one can tell how may Glorious Virtues You have. ||1||Pause|| Leaving behind hearth and home, palaces, elephants, horses and native lands, mortals have journeyed to foreign lands. The spiritual leaders, prophets, seers and men of faith renounced the world, and became acceptable. ||2|| Renouncing tasty delicacies, comfort, happiness and pleasures, some have abandoned their clothes and now wear skins. Those who suffer in pain, imbued with Your Name, have become beggars at Your Door. ||3|| Some wear skins, and carry begging bowls, bearing wooden staffs, and sitting on deer skins. Others raise their hair in tufts and wear sacred threads and loin-cloths. You are the Lord Master, I am just Your puppet. Prays Nanak, what is my social status to be? ||4||1||33||

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