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Kar Kirpa Devo Har Nam by Bhai Gurpreet Singh Baba Bakala at Delhi
Bhai Gurpreet Singh Ji performing gurbani kirtan from Sukhmani Sahib. asattapadhee || jaachak jan jaachai prabh dhaan || kar kirapaa dhaevahu har naam || saadhh janaa kee maago dhhoor || paarabreham maeree saradhhaa poor || sadhaa sadhaa prabh kae gun gaavo || saas saas prabh thumehi dhhiaavo || charan kamal sio laagai preeth || bhagath karo prabh kee nith neeth || eaek outt eaeko aadhhaar || naanak maagai naam prabh saar ||1|| Ashtapadee: I am a beggar; I beg for this gift from You: please, by Your Mercy, Lord, give me Your Name. I ask for the dust of the feet of the Holy. O Supreme Lord God, please fulfill my yearning; may I sing the Glorious Praises of God forever and ever. With each and every breath, may I meditate on You, O God. May I enshrine affection for Your Lotus Feet. May I perform devotional worship to God each and every day. You are my only Shelter, my only Support. Nanak asks for the most sublime, the Naam, the Name of God. ||1||

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