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Pio Dade Ka Khol Dittha Khajana by Bhai Amarjeet Singh Ji Patiala Wale at Delhi
Bhai Sahib Amarjeet Singh Ji Patiala Wale with his melodious kirtan at Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib Delhi. gourree guaaraeree mehalaa 5 || ham dhhanava(n)th bhaagat(h) sach naae || har gun gaaveh sehaj subhaae ||1|| rehaao || peeoo dhaadhae kaa khol ddit(h)aa khajaanaa || thaa maerai man bhaeiaa nidhhaanaa ||1|| rathan laal jaa kaa kashhoo n mol || bharae bha(n)ddaar akhoott athol ||2|| khaavehi kharachehi ral mil bhaaee || thott n aavai vadhhadho jaaee ||3|| kahu naanak jis masathak laekh likhaae || s eaeth khajaanai laeiaa ralaae ||4||31||100|| Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehla: I am prosperous and fortunate, for I have received the True Name. I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, with natural, intuitive ease. ||1||Pause|| When I opened it up and gazed upon the treasures of my father and grandfather, then my mind became very happy. ||1|| The storehouse is inexhaustible and immeasurable, overflowing with priceless jewels and rubies. ||2|| The Siblings of Destiny meet together, and eat and spend, but these resources do not diminish; they continue to increase. ||3|| Says Nanak, one who has such destiny written on his forehead, becomes a partner in these treasures. ||4||31||100||

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