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Bahur Ham Kahe Avehnge - Jaskaran Singh Patiala at Delhi
Bhai Sahib Jaskaran Singh Ji Patiala at Delhi on Oct 29th, 2012. Bhagat Kabir Ji - Raag Maru Angg 1103 oudhak samu(n)dh salal kee saakhiaa nadhee thara(n)g samaavehigae || su(n)nehi su(n)n miliaa samadharasee pavan roop hoe jaavehigae ||1|| bahur ham kaahae aavehigae || aavan jaanaa hukam thisai kaa hukamai bujh samaavehigae ||1|| rehaao || jab chookai pa(n)ch dhhaath kee rachanaa aisae bharam chukaavehigae || dharasan shhodd bheae samadharasee eaeko naam dhhiaavehigae ||2|| jith ham laaeae thith hee laagae thaisae karam kamaavehigae || har jee kirapaa karae jo apanee tha gur kae sabadh samaavehigae ||3|| jeevath marahu marahu fun jeevahu punarap janam n hoee || kahu kabeer jo naam samaanae su(n)n rehiaa liv soee ||4||4|| Like drops of water in the water of the ocean, and like waves in the stream, I merge in the Lord. Merging my being into the Absolute Being of God, I have become impartial and transparent, like the air. ||1|| Why should I come into the world again? Coming and going is by the Hukam of His Command; realizing His Hukam, I shall merge in Him. ||1||Pause|| When the body, formed of the five elements, perishes, then any such doubts shall end. Giving up the different schools of philosophy, I look upon all equally; I meditate only on the One Name. ||2|| Whatever I am attached to, to that I am attached; such are the deeds I do. When the Dear Lord grants His Grace, then I am merged in the Word of the Guru's Shabad. ||3|| Die while yet alive, and by so dying, be alive; thus you shall not be reborn again. Says Kabeer, whoever is absorbed in the Naam remains lovingly absorbed in the Primal, Absolute Lord. ||4||4||

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