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Anhad Naad 2012 - 1st Runner Up - Bibi Jasleen Kaur - Bibi Jasleen Kaur - Raag Devgandhari
Bibi Jasleen Kaur, 1st runner up in Group-A of Anhad Naad 2012 Kirtan Competition, doing kirtan in Raag Devgandhari. dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree mehalaa 5 || apunae har pehi binathee keheeai || chaar padhaarathh anadh ma(n)gal nidhh sookh sehaj sidhh leheeai ||1|| rehaao || maan thiaag har charanee laago this prabh a(n)chal geheeai || aaa(n)ch n laagai agan saagar thae saran suaamee kee aheeai ||1|| kott paraadhh mehaa akirathaghan bahur bahur prabh seheeai || karunaa mai pooran paramaesur naanak this saraneheeai ||2||17|| Dayv-Gandhaaree, Fifth Mehla: Offer your prayer to your Lord. You shall obtain the four blessings, and the treasures of bliss, pleasure, peace, poise and the spiritual powers of the Siddhas. ||1||Pause|| Renounce your self-conceit, and grasp hold of the Guru's feet; hold tight to the hem of God's robe. The heat of the ocean of fire does not affect one who longs for the Lord and Master's Sanctuary. ||1|| Again and again, God puts up with the millions of sins of the supremely ungrateful ones. The embodiment of mercy, the Perfect Transcendent Lord - Nanak longs for His Sanctuary. ||2||17||

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