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Hoi Ekatar Milo Mere Bhai - Bhai Harjinder Singh Shri Nagar Wale at Delhi
Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Shri Nagar Wale doing kirtan at KalkaJi New Delhi on Nov10th, 2012. basa(n)th mehalaa 5 ghar 2 hi(n)ddola ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh || hoe eikathr milahu maerae bhaaee dhubidhhaa dhoor karahu liv laae || har naamai kae hovahu jorree guramukh baisahu safaa vishhaae ||1|| einh bidhh paasaa dtaalahu beer || guramukh naam japahu dhin raathee a(n)th kaal neh laagai peer ||1|| rehaao || karam dhharam thumh chouparr saajahu sath karahu thumh saaree || kaam krodhh lobh mohu jeethahu aisee khael har piaaree ||2|| out(h) eisanaan karahu parabhaathae soeae har aaraadhhae || bikharrae dhaao la(n)ghaavai maeraa sathigur sukh sehaj saethee ghar jaathae ||3|| har aapae khaelai aapae dhaekhai har aapae rachan rachaaeiaa || jan naanak guramukh jo nar khaelai so jin baajee ghar aaeiaa ||4||1||19|| Basant, Fifth Mehla, Second House, Hindol: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Come and join together, O my Siblings of Destiny; dispel your sense of duality and let yourselves be lovingly absorbed in the Lord. Let yourselves be joined to the Name of the Lord; become Gurmukh, spread out your mat, and sit down. ||1|| In this way, throw the dice, O brothers. As Gurmukh, chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord, day and night. At the very last moment, you shall not have to suffer in pain. ||1||Pause|| Let righteous actions be your gameboard, and let the truth be your dice. Conquer sexual desire, anger, greed and worldly attachment; only such a game as this is dear to the Lord. ||2|| Rise in the early hours of the morning, and take your cleansing bath. Before you go to bed at night, remember to worship the Lord. My True Guru will assist you, even on your most difficult moves; you shall reach your true home in celestial peace and poise. ||3|| The Lord Himself plays, and He Himself watches; the Lord Himself created the creation. O servant Nanak, that person who plays this game as Gurmukh, wins the game of life, and returns to his true home. ||4||1||19||

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