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Hamra Thakur Sabh Te Ucha - Bhai Amarjeet Singh Ji, Patiale Wale at Delhi
Bhai Amarjeet Singh Ji Patiala Wale at New Delhi on Jan 30th, 2013. aasaa mehalaa 5 dhupadhae || gur parasaadh maerai man vasiaa jo maago so paavo rae || naam ra(n)g eihu man thripathaanaa bahur n kathehoo(n) dhhaavo rae ||1|| hamaraa t(h)aakur sabh thae oochaa rain dhinas this gaavo rae || khin mehi thhaap outhhaapanehaaraa this thae thujhehi ddaraavo rae ||1|| rehaao || jab dhaekho prabh apunaa suaamee tho avarehi cheeth n paavo rae || naanak dhaas prabh aap pehiraaeiaa bhram bho maett likhaavo rae ||2||2||131|| Aasaa, Fifth Mehla, Du-Paday: By Guru's Grace, He dwells within my mind; whatever I ask for, I receive. This mind is satisfied with the Love of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; it does not go out, anywhere, anymore. ||1|| My Lord and Master is the highest of all; night and day, I sing the Glories of His Praises. In an instant, He establishes and disestablishes; through Him, I frighten you. ||1||Pause|| When I behold my God, my Lord and Master, I do not pay any attention to any other. God Himself has adorned servant Nanak; his doubts and fears have been dispelled, and he writes the account of the Lord. ||2||2||131||

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Artist:Bhai Amarjeet Singh Ji, Patiale Wale
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