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Teri ot puran gopala - Bhai Rai Singh Ji Harimandir Sahib at
vaddeha(n)s ma 5 || a(n)tharajaamee so prabh pooraa || dhaan dhaee saadhhoo kee dhhooraa ||1|| kar kirapaa prabh dheen dhaeiaalaa || thaeree outt pooran gopaalaa ||1|| rehaao || jal thhal meheeal rehiaa bharapoorae || nikatt vasai naahee prabh dhoorae ||2|| jis no nadhar karae so dhhiaaeae || aat(h) pehar har kae gun gaaeae ||3|| jeea ja(n)th sagalae prathipaarae || saran pariou naanak har dhuaarae ||4||4|| Wadahans, Fifth Mehla: God is perfect - He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. He blesses us with the gift of the dust of the feet of the Saints. ||1|| Bless me with Your Grace, God, O Merciful to the meek. I seek Your Protection, O Perfect Lord, Sustainer of the World. ||1||Pause|| He is totally pervading and permeating the water, the land and the sky. God is near at hand, not far away. ||2|| One whom He blesses with His Grace, meditates on Him. Twenty-four hours a day, he sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||3|| He cherishes and sustains all beings and creatures. Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of the Lord's Door. ||4||4||

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