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Dhadi Dar Prabh Mangna - Bhai Varinder Singh Ji Delhi Wale
Bhai Varinder Singh Ji Khalsa Delhi Wale at Gurdwara Sahib - Partap Nagar, New Delhi on Feb.17, 2013. pourree || man rathaa govi(n)dh sa(n)g sach bhojan jorrae || preeth lagee har naam sio eae hasathee ghorrae || raaj milakh khuseeaa ghanee dhhiaae mukh n morrae || dtaadtee dhar prabh ma(n)ganaa dhar kadhae n shhorrae || naanak man than chaao eaehu nith prabh ko lorrae ||21||1|| sudhh keechae Pauree: To imbue the mind with the Lord of the Universe is the true food and dress. To embrace love for the Name of the Lord is to possess horses and elephants. To meditate on the Lord steadfastly is to rule over kingdoms of property and enjoy all sorts of pleasures. The minstrel begs at God's Door - he shall never leave that Door. Nanak has this yearning in his mind and body - he longs continually for God. ||21||1|| Sudh Keechay||

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Artist:Bhai Varinder Singh Ji Delhi Wale
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