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Amrit Sar Satgur Satiwadi _ Bhai Dalvir Singh Hazuri Ragi
Bhai Dalvir singh Ji Hazoori Raagi-Shri Darbar Sahib performing at Ropar Samagam. Goojaree mehalaa 4 || govi(n)dh govi(n)dh preetham man preetham mil sathasa(n)gath sabadh man mohai || jap govi(n)dh govi(n)dh dhhiaaeeai sabh ko dhaan dhaee prabh ouhai ||1|| maerae bhaaee janaa mo ko govi(n)dh govi(n)dh govi(n)dh man mohai || govi(n)dh govi(n)dh govi(n)dh gun gaavaa mil gur saadhhasa(n)gath jan sohai ||1|| rehaao || sukh saagar har bhagath hai guramath koulaa ridhh sidhh laagai pag ouhai || jan ko raam naam aadhhaaraa har naam japath har naamae sohai ||2|| dhuramath bhaageheen math feekae naam sunath aavai man rohai || kooaa kaag ko a(n)mrith ras paaeeai thripathai visattaa khaae mukh gohai ||3|| a(n)mrith sar sathigur sathivaadhee jith naathai kooaa ha(n)s hohai || naanak dhhan dhha(n)n vaddae vaddabhaagee jinh guramath naam ridhai mal dhhohai ||4||2|| ||4||2|| Goojaree Fourth Mehla: The Lord the Lord of the Universe is the Beloved of the minds of those who join the Sat Sangat the True Congregation. The Shabad of His Word fascinates their minds. Chant and meditate on the Lord the Lord of the Universe; God is the One who gives gifts to all. ||1|| O my Siblings of Destiny the Lord of the Universe Govind Govind Govind has enticed and fascinated my mind. I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe Govind Govind Govind; joining the Holy Society of the Guru Your humble servant is beautified. ||1||Pause|| Devotional worship to the Lord is an ocean of peace; through the Guru s Teachings wealth prosperity and the spiritual powers of the Siddhas fall at our feet. The Lord s Name is the Support of His humble servant; he chants the Lord s Name and with the Lord s Name he is adorned. ||2|| Evil-minded unfortunate and shallow-minded are those who feel anger in their minds when they hear the Naam the Name of the Lord. You may place ambrosial nectar before crows and ravens but they will be satisfied only by eating manure and dung with their mouths. ||3|| The True Guru the Speaker of Truth is the pool of Ambrosial Nectar; bathing within it the crow becomes a swan. O Nanak blessed blessed and very fortunate are those who through the Guru s Teachings with the Naam wash away the filth of their hearts. ||4||2||

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Artist:Dalvir Singh, Harimandir Sahib
Title/Venue:Gobind Valley, Ropar
Added:16 April 2009

Category: Raagi Kirtan
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