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Teri Saran Puran Dayala - Bhai Apardeep Singh Ji UK at Delhi
Bhai Sahib Apardeep Singh Ji UK at Annual Baru Sahib Sant Samagam at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, New Delhi soohee mehalaa 5 || keethaa lorrehi so prabh hoe || thujh bin dhoojaa naahee koe || jo jan saevae this pooran kaaj || dhaas apunae kee raakhahu laaj ||1|| thaeree saran pooran dhaeiaalaa || thujh bin kavan karae prathipaalaa ||1|| rehaao || jal thhal meheeal rehiaa bharapoor || nikatt vasai naahee prabh dhoor || lok patheeaarai kashhoo n paaeeai || saach lagai thaa houmai jaaeeai ||2|| jis no laae leae so laagai || giaan rathan a(n)thar this jaagai || dhuramath jaae param padh paaeae || gur parasaadhee naam dhhiaaeae ||3|| dhue kar jorr karo aradhaas || thudhh bhaavai thaa aanehi raas || kar kirapaa apanee bhagathee laae || jan naanak prabh sadhaa dhhiaae ||4||2|| Soohee, Fifth Mehla: Whatever God wills, that alone happens. Without You, there is no other at all. The humble being serves Him, and so all his works are perfectly successful. O Lord, please preserve the honor of Your slaves. ||1|| I seek Your Sanctuary, O Perfect, Merciful Lord. Without You, who would cherish and love me? ||1||Pause|| He is permeating and pervading the water, the land and the sky. God dwells near at hand; He is not far away. By trying to please other people, nothing is accomplished. When someone is attached to the True Lord, his ego is taken away. ||2|| He alone is attached, whom the Lord Himself attaches. The jewel of spiritual wisdom is awakened deep within. Evil-mindedness is eradicated, and the supreme status is attained. By Guru's Grace, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||3|| Pressing my palms together, I offer my prayer; if it pleases You, Lord, please bless me and fulfill me. Grant Your Mercy, Lord, and bless me with devotion. Servant Nanak meditates on God forever. ||4||2||

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