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This Eternal Universal Law - As you think, so you become,  is illustrated by the following story published some years ago. "There was an old lady who had suffered numerous misfortunes and miseries in her life and was overwhelmed with frustration, indignation, anger, hatred and sadness. Her life became devoid of happiness, hope, brightness, and goodness. She became irritable, quarrelsome and furious. Gradually, her vicious temperament adversely affected her health and reflected on the features of her face which looked ugly, haggard, abhorrent and repulsive. In due course, all her relatives and friends deserted her and she was left alone to lead a dry, dreary and miserable life.

The people  around her avoided her repulsive company and children would run away to hide from the sight of her ugly dreadful countenance. A noble soul took compassion on the wretched condition of this old miserable lady and approached her with kindness and sympathy. She asked her to recollect the brightest and happiest occasions of her life. The old lady at once brought her wedding photos and started narrating the happy and blissful events of her marriage. As she did so, lustre came back in her sad eyes and the features of her old wrinkled face became blooming and attractive. The good lady took

her to the mirror and told her to carefully observe and mark the difference between her own features before and after the interview.
The old lady was astonished at her own bright eyes and glowing face in spite of her wrinkled skin. Actually, she was frightened to compare her new features with her usual miserable repulsive countenance. The crucial point in this story is the sudden change in her countenance wrought by the sweet and blissful memory of a bright and happy occasion of her life. It was the direct and immediate result of the change in her thoughts. She was advised to replace her usual depraved thoughts with higher and nobler thoughts and contemplate frequently on the brighter side of life, with thankfulness for the blessings of the Lord, as often as possible.
By and by, her features changed for the better and lustre of her eyes returned, and her behavior became reasonable and endearing. Her repulsive countenance became attractive and lovely. Her neighbours and friends again flocked to her to sympathise and cheer her up, the fearful children came running to her and enjoyed her newly sprouted affection and kindness. Ultimately, she died as a Loving Noble old lady instead of that repulsive, witch-like old lady, thus ensuring herself, endearing, kind and loving life in there here-after. The magic that wrought such an unbelievable and wonderful miracle to the hopeless, despondent and wretched life of the old lady, is the Eternal Universal Law: As you Think, so you Become.

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