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August 21 2013 A LETTER TO DAUGHTER.

"Times New Roman";color:black;mso-fareast-language:EN-IN">A LETTER TO DAUGHTER(prof.puran singh)

color:#333333;mso-fareast-language:EN-IN">MY DEAR DAUGHTER:

I have decided to love you, serve you and dedicate my whole self to you. You have to be more active, more spiritual and more loving from today for developing your sense of service, sacrifice and love. Other wise this whole exercise will go waste. Life is god and we have to realize that our spirit is god and an element of god .god has bestowed us days and nights just to recognize ourselves.

I hope you will excuse me for saying that this human body is the temple of god .to be careless about it is to defile it .I had no knowledge of it when I started my life carrier, otherwise I would have preferred to serve this temple of god. Being my daughter you have followed me and have been quite careless towards it .Our ancestors use to offer only that horse for sacrifice at the worship-center, which was spotless, healthy and well fed. From the legal point of view it was a must .So our human body should be complete and untouched –to be master of a complete and healthy body is a spiritual act.

I am pained to state that you have not been keeping good health and a robust physique. Take this swing of health to a higher and healthier state of your body. Like a resolute recluse you must observe the stingiest and hardest disciplines of life.

In this human world all rules, regulations and instructions become helpful if properly observed. Similarly regular yoga practice is quite useful. What is yoga? It is just to have full control over ones nerves, to regulate the circulation of ones blood in the whole body and to keep ones body –organs under ones complete control.

By observing these rules you can keep this temple of god free, fit and healthy. This fragile human body can rise to the farthest heights of hilarity if its windows and doors are thrown open to let the light of god to enter in it. Keep on learning music regularly and learn it with zeal and vigor.

You may wonder that I am inspiring you to do physical exercise when I have not done the same in the whole of my life? Yes my dear daughter, that is the primary reason why I am inspiring you for your physical fitness .Had I practiced regular physical exercise in my youth, I would have been a young robust and healthy young man by now, radiating redness from my face. But I have become an old man whose body is withering with and sitting at the eroding bank of this fast flowing life-river .I am living my life in acute pain and anguish.

I haven’t done it.

So you must do it.

There is no body in this life who may love us selflessly. Everybody expects something in return for the love he professes for us .It is possible that you may give him in return your virtue, your beauty, sacrifice, good deeds or share with him your pangs of inner-love .So we only get what we give in return to our world .we must live our life in an exemplary noble way so that we may get in return from the world maximum goodness, nobility and peace of mind .If the world does not give us anything in return for our goods deeds and virtues, then we should fully understand that we had not lived a decent and virtuous life, had not fully friended our people and had not sacrificed our life in their service. Instead of cursing and finding faults with our parents, husbands, brothers, friend, relatives, childrens and acquaintances, we should search ourselves, peep within and declare that the world had not properly and nicely behaved with us, simply because we had not been fully true to ourselves. To curse ourselves for the sins of this world is the real moral and religious character. To search within the reasons for your inefficiency and defeat in life is the true religious character. Devoid of these qualities a man is not a human being but an animal.

There is nothing in our outer world that needs any special stress. Do not find excuses in other than yourself. That is the true renunciation and self-sacrifice. Those are the real aspects of religious truth or that truth that lies within us .The nicest thing of self knowledge is that we should forget yesterday of life for today and today for the coming morrow .We can get this message of forget and forgive in life from Omar khayyam .His poetic philosophy is much near to the truth of life.

But the most important living pleasure is that we are in unison with god, who is within us .god as expressed in different languages and various human thoughts, ultimately turns in to a mythology. But when this truth is realized and revealed to a saintly person, it becomes his personal experience .No seeker of god believes in an impersonal god. Rather he realizes that god and myself are one and the same.

Oh Nanak, have full faith in that lord,

Whose remembrance showers comforts and 

Absolves us from all miseries.

The moment we remember his name and realize his presence within us, we get purified through our inner peace .I have explained to you how you can achieve him .It is a blessing which gives you life and strength inwardly and enables you to know where to get it from .Now it is up to you to make efforts for achieving him .The truth (a secret of gods knowledge) is to achieve self-realization .In addition to that whatever is there in Sikhism, it is of a secondary importance. Those who love other things more than gods are infect dead objects.

My daughter, you kindle the life fire in you and see to it that it turns into a flame .All virtues, all good deeds, all kinds of love, all sacrifices and self devotions are there in life, so that we could rise above our physicality and sacrifice the maximum in us .If you discard this highest human virtue, simply to become noble and pure, than you are simply deceiving yourself. Our basic values-beauty, liking for his name and worship of god have been taught to us by our loving gurus and we must live our life in accordance to their teachings.

The gist of above is: -

1 Everyday try to maximize this realization that your body is the temple of god.

2 To realize that this body is the soul and it has to be pure and healthy in all respects.

3 For your defeat and victory, hope and despair, fulfillment of desire and its remaining unfulfilled, find reasons within yourself and not in others.

4 Don’t expect anything from others. Depend solely upon yourself. But give and distribute generously to others with a complete devotion to god.

5 Let the world outside touch you like flowing water of a river just to enable you to have a bath .In this manner your soul will get purified and ennobled.

6 Self-sacrifice and renunciation are only signs of a good character, which a human being should perform for others. Beyond them there is nothing in them.

7 Self-realization is our destination, which we can achieve with the grace of guru. This life is a struggle for self-understanding and we should not forget this basic fact .In spite of having our houses built with jewels and pearls, guru Nanak teaches us not to forget the lord. 

8 I think I have explained to you my view point in a crystal clear manner and now I vehemently wish that Gargi should achieve her self realization .The reasons for its success I try to find in myself and not in you .I bless you that you may live your life with full grace of god and feel happy in all sorts of circumstances.

I am yours,

color:#333333;mso-fareast-language:EN-IN">Puran singh.


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