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Some Light on the term Satguru ....

Satgur vich aap varatdaa har aapay rakhanhaar. : Salok Mehlaa 4: Guru Ram Das.

The Lord Himself abides within the True Guru; He Himself is His Protector.



Gurus are many....But the one who has merged Himself in Wahiguru Akal Purukh, is called a Gurmukh, a Satguru. He comes direct from Sach Khand through His command, to give us muktee from this world of pain and sorrow, through the blessing, through His Gurprasad, His bhed, His jugtee of Nam.


That is why it is said in the begining of the Granth Sahib, and in almost each parragraph of each page: Ik Onkar, Satgur Prasad.


So this Gur prasad can only be had, only if there is a Gurmukh, a Sant Satguru.


Why is such importance given to a Satguru?

Outwardly He may look like an ordinary person.


Then the question arises, how shall we come to know Him?


Now that, is a question of fate, of being a wadbhagee, marked by the Lord, before coming into this world. So only those wadbhagee will come to believe in Him. He maybe our neighbour, but if we are not meant for that auspicious meeting with a Gurmukh in this life, we shall never believe in Him...we shall go to the extent, that we shall slander Him...saying that, He is going against our dharma...and all sort of blasphemy. Because He praises and does the parchar of Nam and Shabad, He lays importance on Nam bhakti only ....not so much on the outer forms of worships and rituals, of which we are so used to, due to the manmukhs, the they have lost of sight the aim of they also misguide others to the pitfall.


The Bani is very clear, even if there are hundreds of moons and thousands of Suns together up in the Sky, even then without a Satguru....there is utter spiritual darkness, utter spiritual ignorance.


What is the Lord Har? He is an infinite ocean of truth, bliss and consciousness...above all consciousness.... so naturally He comes and abides in, there where is life force consciousness......not in the lifeless and inert objects such as paper, stone, idols, iron, all these things are sure going to decay one day, as they are made of the 5 nashwant elements, such as air, fire, earth, water and ether....while our souls are of the same essence as Parmatma Akal Purukh, that is why our soul can merge in Him, as a drop of water in the ocean, and become one with it.


So as the title of today´s post says: Satgur vich aap varatdaa har aapay rakhanhaar. This means very clearly: In the form of Satguru, the Lord Himself comes and reside.


At other place it is stated: Aapeh SATGUR, Aapeh HAR, aapeh mel milave....You yourself come in the human form as Satguru, and You yoursef, make it possible...our union with You.

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