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Gurbani: Gurmat Gyan
December 9 2012 Gurbani: Gurmat Gyan

Bani Guru Amar Das , third Patshahee: Salok Vaaraan Thay Vadheek

In this Shabad, our beloved Guru Sahiban, Sachhe Badshah Gur Amar Das Jee is giving us the secrets of spirituality in a few and simple words, just as all real Gurmukhs of any time and place usually do, as said many times, their message is only one and stresses on only three things: Wahiguru Akal Purukh, Shabad or Nam, and is the title of this post.

They never engage us in rituals, or dogmas, or codes of conduct of or for any particular comunity, race, or country. Any other thing apart from Nam Bhakti,binds us in this creation...that is why we fight and quarrel upon things like: land, country, dharam, mazab, my religion, my god...and so on. We think we belong to a particular race or community, we are even foced to believe such bitter lies, and said that if you give your life for these purposes, you shall go direct to heaven, what a pity...such a precious gift of human life received from Wahiguru, which is wasted away for peanuts.

So these Gurmukhs, try to get us out from all these petty things, and divert our attention towards the only one reality, and goal or objective: Wahiguru Akal Purukh. We may protest and say, what rubbish is this? I do believe in Wahiguru. Let us be frank, we do partially name Wahiguru as our objective, because along with Him, we have many more things in our minds ..... And that is not sufficient enough neither correct. Wahiguru means, only Wahiguru, nothing else, that is why the bani says: Saas saas simroh Gobind. It does not say eat this, drink this, wear this. This means, to have Him in mind at all times, because only when He alone exists in our minds at all times, only then, full devotion can be offered to Him. All these outer things are man made, to show off, or please the manmukhs of our same community, by following the rules or codes of conduct established by them. But their(Gurmukhs, Sant Janas) main concern is to unite back our souls with Wahiguru Akal Purukh, from whom we have been separated since aeons. They unite us with Him, through their Daya Meher, through their Bakshish, their Parsad, their Updesh.

Without this Prasad, we may do anything.... it is all useless. As seen in some other post, Goswami Tulsidas, reagrding this Prasad of Nam Bakshish, says: If someone wants to get spiritual realization, leaving aside Nam, and doing anything else, it is like, trying to reach the skies, by trying to hold on the rain drops falling from the clouds.

So Guru Amar Das first talks us of Wahiguru in His following words:

naanak sachaa eaek dhar beebhaa parehar aahi

O Nanak, the One Lord alone is True; stay away from all other doors(means all other methods, which do not attach our minds or chits, with Nam Simran, with His Simran). Clearly He is telling us, give your heart and devotion to the one and only Akal Purukh.

Then in second place He talks us about the other true nature and essence of Wahiguru, and that is His Nam or Shabad, as the means of attaining true liberation, and the state of pure bliss :

dhookh visaaran sabadh hai jae ma(n)n vasaaeae koe

The Word of the Shabad is the Dispeller of sorrow, if one enshrines it in the mind.

What is the biggest sorrow that a man suffers? He is born again and again from a mother´s womb, "chaurasee ka chakkar".

So He is saying, if one does constant simran of Gobind, of Har ...that Har comes and abides in your mind and body ...and when He comes, that means, we have become one and perfect like Him, and if we become Him, we go where He is, this means Sach Khand, and so naturally there is no place for mind, maya, karmas, births and deaths .... or Kal himself. We are beyond all this.

Then in third place He talks us about the Gurmukhs, or Satguru, He says:

sathigur milae, s oubarae saachai sabadh alakh

Those who meet with the True Guru are saved, through the Shabad, the True Word, of the Inscrutable Lord.

This means, when we come in the company of the Gurmukhs(Sadh Sangat), we get the Gurprasad(of Nam or Shabad) from them.

That is why also at other place the bani says:

Se Gursikh dhan dhan hae, jin Gur updesh suniya har kanee.

This meeting with a contemporary Gurmukh of our time, is essential, for the purpose of realizing Him.

Again Guru Amar Das says: only when you get that Gurprasad from a Gurmukh, can you meet Wahiguru, not otherwise :

gur sabadhee har man vasai maaeiaa kee bhukh jaae

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Lord abides in the mind, and the hunger for Maya departs.

Then He explains us, that by engaging, and thus merging ourselves in the Nam bhakti, only then we become pure :

sae jan niramal oojalae j guramukh naam samaae

Immaculate and pure are those humble beings, who, merge in the Naam(Gurprasad or Updesh) given by a Gurmukh.

Then He clearly states, what happens if one follows the Bhed or Updesh given by a Gurmukh, He says we can meet the Lord Har:

guramathee bho man, pavai thaa(n) har ras lagai piaar

If one follows the Guru's Teachings, and keeps the Fear of God in his mind, then he is lovingly attuned to the sublime essence of the Lord. And what does that mean: it means we become one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

Then He talks about who can get that Gurprasad, or where or how to get it:

gur saadhhoo sa(n)gath milai heerae rathan labha(n)nih

Joining the Saadh Sangat, the diamonds and jewels are obtained.

naanak bin sathigur, naao n paaeeai jae so lochai koee

O Nanak, without the True Guru, the Name is not obtained, even though one may long for it hundreds of times.

We may read the pure Bani, from any page, or point of view, and though many manipulate the Bani and make us believe and force us towards non-sense ....the fact is, we should use our own brains and hearts and see, what the manmukhs are telling us, and thus making us loose our lives after shadows, leading us towards pitfall(Chaurasee ka Chakar).

And on the other side, if we come through such Gurmukhs, who stress only upon Nam, let us open our ears and hearts and try to profit from them. Not paying attention on the blasphemy and rubbish,thrown upon them, by the near and dear manmukhs around us, enemies of the humanity.

While the Gurmukhs are benefactors of the humanity, by giving us the support of Wahiguru alone, only through His Nam Bhakti.

Wah wah Sachhe Badshah.

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