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The method to Love Wahiguru
Amrit ras pee-aa, gur Sabdee, ham Naam vitahu kurbaan

Parbhaatee Mehlaa 4 Bibhaas

In this fourth Patshahee´s Shabad, Guru Sahiban is giving us some simple and clear directions, to overcome our agyanta, clean the vessels of our minds, so that, that Kul Malik, Paree Pooran Parmatma, comes and abides in our hearts.

Well, the fact is, He is already everywhere, but by following Gurmat, He discloses Himself by His grace, to whomsoever is ready to love Him according to Gurmat. Because almost everybody loves Him, but to love Him according to Gurmat is a different thing. This is what makes the difference.

Some may ask, what is all this difference about. Well, Gurmat teaches us to love Wahiguru, for the only sake of Wahiguru alone, without any conditions. And to love Him in that way, though it is simple, we people make it as good as impossible.


Because, we have adjusted Gurmat to our weaknesses, limiting the Bani, between the walls of rituals, dogmas,

outer rules, regulations, symbolisms and slogans, idol worship, lands, mazabs, even we have politized the paviter Bani, and thus those who are devils and culprits, we have have made them heros, just because they use the popular sentence that we are saints and soldiers, to just cover their real evil intentions of disgracing themselves and pulling along a vast majority of weak minded to the worst disaster possible, that is to loose one´s life, which was given us, to realize and meet Wahiguru.

So, the method to love Wahiguru according to Gurmat, is to love Him, without the intervention of the mind. Beacuse the mind is our real enemy, and it is this mind whom we have to conquer, and for defeating it, we have to be soldiers, means we have to be alert like soldiers, that this powerfull and invisble may not distract and attack us, by throwing upon us, it´s weapons of : kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar.

Each one of us in our lives, has to fight this enemy in order to merge in Wahiguru. This mind has to be fought by each one of us, nobody can come and fight it for us, this is a personal battle to be fought, independently of being a male or female, eastern or western, northern or southern, or even if we are residents of Baikunth, or of the status of Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva, because even there, mind is as active as on the physical or astral planes, nobody is free from it´s negative influence.

But to learn to really love Wahiguru and to lessen the mind effects, we have to the come under the shade of such a tree, which can protect us from the Sun and it´s heat, and that is Sadh kee sangat.

Only when we come in the company of a Gurmukh, a Sant Jan, a Satguru, we get His protective hand, which is that much powerfull, which can pull out the mind... there in no other such power which can do so ..... not even Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or any godesses .... they are also misled by maya and mind ... they also wish to come in a human form, in order to come under the shelter of a Gurmukh of that time, so that they also get the Gurparsad, the bakshish of the jugtee of Nam, be free from the cycles of births and deaths, and become one with Wahiguru.

Guru Ram Das, in this today´s Shabad and in the lines below, is telling us how to meet Wahiguru

Kit biDh ki-o paa-ee-ai parabh apunaa,

How am I to find my God?

mo ka-o karahu updays Har daan.

Please bless me with the Gift of the Updesh, the bhed, the jugtee Gift of the Lord´s wealth.

And what is this Lord´s wealth, by which we become rich spiritually? It is His Naam.

Then in the following line, He is telling us where to get it from.

Sadh Sangat meh Har Har vasi-aa,

The Lord, Har, Har, resides in the Saints; we can clearly see, the Bani says, Wahiguru does not reside in lifeless things made of paper, stone or metal, but resides in a living Gurmukh, a Sant Jan. These words of the Gurbani are eternal and unperishable, not for a particular period of time of some hundred years, or place. The method of meeting Wahiguru is only one, unchangeable throughout all ages: Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapuryug and Kaliyug.

mil sangat, har gun jaan.

joining this Sangat, the Lord's Glories are known.

Here He is telling us, that by taking shelter under a Gurmukh, we come to know the majesty of Akal Purukh, and we start singing His glories, in a unique manner, the method of Nam Simram, that is why the Bani says, Prabh ka Simran, Har gun Bani.

Vadai bhaag, Sadhsangat paa-ee, Gur Satgur, paras bhagvaan.

By great good fortune, the Society of the Saints is found. Through the Guru, the True Guru, I receive the Touch of the Lord God.

In this line, He is telling us, that to meet a Gurmukh of one´s time, is a consequence of real blessings from Akal Purukh, not otherwise, the rest of us will deny the need and existence of a Gurmukh, for the purpose of God realization. Then He is telling and assuring us, that, once we receive this Gurparsad, and by it´s kamaee and practice, we shall feel the touch of Wahiguru.

My God, what beautifull words of our Fourth Patshahee!

We have heard and read that Wahiguru´s true form is His Shabad swaroop. So when we are steadfast on Nam Simran, another wonderful thing happens to us.

Just as Satguru Sachay Badshah Guru Amar Das says: Nam jinke man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere. This means, once Nam is perfected in it´s practice and is established in the depths of our mind and hearts, we start listening the unstruck divine melodies of Shabad...this is the touch of Akal Purukh to our souls, this is the Amrit which flows 24 hours inside our selves, and that by drinking it, or better said listening to it, only then we become real sikhs, real khalsas, in one word .... real Gursikhs. Only then, we are heading to our true desh, true land, which is Sach Khand, the land, of our True Father Satnam.

This is what we should all look for, and fight with our minds, with all our powers and strenghts, then only are we real saints and soldiers. We are soldiers, by fighting and defeating the real enemy of our mind, and we have become saints by merging our cosciouness and souls in Akal Purukh.

And all this is only possible by loving Wahiguru, according to Gurmat, the key to this bliss is Nam Simran, got as Gurparasd from a Gurmukh.

As the bani says:

Nanak, Gurmukh Naam, paveh jan koee. This is the method or jugtee, the Gurmanter, which the Bani repeats constantly in each of it´s angs.

O Nanak, only a few, get that Nam as Gurparsad from a Gurmukh.

Wah wah Sachay Badshah.

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