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Life is Beautiful
December 26 2010 Life is Beautiful
Life is beautifull....{;-)



My name is Perwinder Singh. I belong to central state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Recently, I have done some research assignments with Harvard University.

Before moving to a brief autography, I would like to introduce my teacher who played a pivotal role in grooming my career. 
The name is Gurbani (A True Master's Voice or A true knowledge of life), Sri Guru Granth Sahibji, an universal teacher of all human beings.

Unfortunately, after my studies, I came to know about this teacher (It is considered as a wish of teacher, because I thankful to him for everything what he has given and will give). And, his teachings have changed my life completely.

Ok, let’s visit some of the truths of my life. *I know many people can not disclose this due to some personal reasons, but I think we should be open and honest with our deeds toward life and believe to live life with truth (Truth is god).

In my schooling and higher studies days, I used to drink a lot (alcohol), smoke a little bit, gambling, kind of rowdy nature, did stole money belongings to my own house and was involved in many more wrong doings. But, now everything has changed. The following sentences sums up one of the important teaching from Gurbani.

I love to say truth.

"Don’t take this as a preaching, I like this and happy to share with you"

Sri Guru Granth Sahibji

Page: 1429

Chinthaa thaa kee keejeeai jo anehonee hoe | 

People become anxious, when something unexpected happens.

Eihu maarag sansaary ko naanak thir nehee koe |51| 

This is the way of the world, O Nanak; nothing is stable or permanent. ||51||

Brief Autobiography,

To write an autography one should start from the start. Here we go; I was born in Khargone district (M.P.), India on 26th June, 1984 in a middle class family. My father was a businessman and mother was a school teacher. I have an elder sister, a younger sister & brother. Now, both sisters got married and, brother is doing his engg.

                    I am very lucky to have the most loving and caring parents. My father expired in 1996. This was the saddest moment for me. I was quite young then. But, remembering my father that day, made me cry at that moment. It took me a while to adapt to the truth of life/situation but, after that I promised myself that I will be the person who is going to bring back the glory, respect and happiness to my family.

                                             In childhood days, I was very sporty and loved to accept the challenges thrown to me. That’s what had made me tough and competitive. Also the unexpected departure of my father has added the desired motivation and toughness.

Although, I was not good at studies but I used to always give my 100%. In 8th standard I under-went an operation which was related to my appendix. It was a big set back for me as I lost a whole year of my study and lots of saved money of my family, as the dates of the operation coincided with my exams. After this incident, I was demoralized because I lost a whole one year due to something which was not in my control but again I told myself that if destiny is going to test me I will also test destiny whether it is capable of destroying me further or not. After that I perform well in all my exams and secured 1st division in class 12th standard.


After schooling, I joined P.G. College in Khargone district (140 km. south of Indore, M.P.), their also I was faced with a lot of challenges as infrastructure and faculty of the college which was not good. The people with whom I was studying were of very parochial mentality. So I was having a new fight to flight. Then, I and some of my friends have decided to go to main city (Indore, 140 km. from my native place) to apply for higher studies like Company Secretary, MCA, MBA etc.

Once I travelled to Indore with friends, we opted for company secretary course and joined it, because it was a cheaper course in that time and I had commerce in my graduation studies. But, I could not perform well and failed in foundation part only. Then, we come back to Khargone and again thought what do we do now? Then, suddenly one of my friend told that we can go for an MBA course and that time I never heard of this course. But, who suggested this study he went alone to Indore (as he is very rich) and joined one pinnacle course to prepare for MBA entrance exam ‘CAT’.

After three months, he came back to Khargone and explained to us that CAT is very simple nothing to worry we all can crack it, I shocked and laughing on his words, becz somehow we have read about this exam after deciding to do an MBA, and it is very competitive & difficult for us as we all from Hindi medium and non-math background and a very expensive study without any clue as to what I will do, we really didn’t understand one of my friend who were talking very simple about CAT, how he is performing at coaching classes. 

He told to us to join this coaching as well. I asked for fee, and it was shocking. It is Rs.15,000 for full course and all material in English. I afraid to go for this, but my other friends are ready to go for this. I knew, it was very difficult to clear even I spend this much of money. Anyway my all friends motivated me to go for it and come with us to Indore. But, still even I was ready I was not in situation to ask to my mother for this money, as we are already facing many problems in fulfilling the monthly expenses with all my brother & sisters education. And after an all I have asked to my mother and then she said give me one day to think on it. And finally, she said yes and yes, that was the decision and a big responsibility/opportunity she has given to me. And then, we packed our luggage and transit to Indore for a year and joined PT couching.

There, in the beginning of coaching days, I came across few more people who were very diligent and MBA aspirants. Then, I contacted with them and got a very clear idea of what MBA is all about and decided that I am going to make my career as an MBA. And I loved to do this master in Rural development (In Khargone, I love to go to farms and villages). But there again, I have one more challenge, that was English writing, speaking and understanding. I was very poor, as i have done my graduation in Hindi medium. Then, I joined English spoken courses for improving English.

Then, I have given a lot of exams on MBA entrance and expected positive results and want to be something great in my life, which family and I should be proud of. But any way, i cleared one of exam and got an invitation from 4 B-Schools, in which one of came from IIRM, a rural management school. Then, my friends and I went to Delhi and Jaipur to attend the GD and interview processes. These colleges were very expensive and low grade in MBA college ranking, and I was not in confident about the fees where i am going to arrange and pay. Because, my mother was a school teacher in private school, and we didn't have any sources to arrange money except bank. And, banks need some income proof or a good ranking records of college for education loans, both the things i was missing. It is very difficult to explain all efforts and magic what God has done to clear the education loan. At last, i got the loan from a government bank, which was a great luck.

No one will manufacture a lock 

                                                  without a key.

Similarly God won't give problems without solutions.

Let’s move to my MBA study. Here i can not write everything about my life at Jaipur, but i would say it was like an unborn baby situation. In college, i was one of them who were very dull and weak in education, writing & speaking english was a very big stubborn for me. These two years has passed with great efforts and wishes of God. For all these efforts, i would like to give credit to my mother only, who had done a great job for money management. I didn’t knew, how I was getting money, where she is saving money to send me every month. At the same time i had marriage of two sisters and it was done smoothly, all these happened ‘things’ only God knows. Some relatives, friends etc, helped me to go through this study. One of my best friend, i would ever have in my list is Rishi Rajvanshi, who exposed me to the habit of reading books, speaking english and how to live a cool life, always be a great supporter. I would be glad to thanks to all these friends who were like a god for me.

Finally, I cleared my last interview. It was the last company to the college. (by that time, i had appeared for around 50 interviews – out of which I was accepted in only one). Even then, i could not join the last company, because fortunately, I got an offer from IIM-Ahmedabad to work as a Research Associate with Dr.Sukhpal Singh. This offer was out of blue and nothing short of a God gift.

Then, on 30th April, i moved to IIM for an interview. Honestly, i didn’t had much knowledge about the project management. And, it was just like some formality. I joined IIM-A on 1st May, 2006 in an International Project of FAO, Rome. I was involved for an year. In this whole year, lots of things happened to me in Ahmedabad some of them are like i got in love first time with God and unfortunately with a girl too (i don’t want to disclose her name). For this girl, initially, i had some wrong feelings, which I cleared with her and told her to leave me alone and live your life as i am a bad guy; please don’t waste your time. But, she wasn't ready (she was thinking, i would do something wrong with myself) then after a long discussion, at the last day of mine in Ahmedabad (I got another job in IIM-Bangalore), i proposed her for marriage. 


                                            Because, i didn't want to do something wrong with her without relation, i thought marriage proposal was the good one to leave or accept her. But, she had some more things in her mind to complete (i assumed), and unfortunately that was my first experience to propose a girl and that proposal had some miscommunication between us. I know, if she will read this, she would be angry on me that why on earth am i disclosing this information on blog. But, this was my great and one of the best experience in life in Ahmedabad. I truly say, i was not playing with her. It was some miscommunication. Anyhow, now i believe to God only, he is the only master who has done all this. We don't have any control on our steps of life. We are the servant of God. Just a follower of our master's teaching like a Dog. In Ahmedabad only, i got to know about Sikh religion properly. Here, i was motivated from a congregation to get admission in God's school (Khalsa panth).

During this job, in Sept-Oct, 2006, i have applied to around 150 prof.s in US and UK universities for getting a distance research assistant job. And, then in May, 2007, i transferred to IIM-Bangalore on another projects with Dr.Gopal Naik.

Suddenly, after a long time in Jan, 2008 i got an offer from University of Chicago for a research help from India. Then, i decided to do a dual job. I cleared these things with Dr. Emily Oster (Prof. at Chicago University) that, i am also working with IIM-B. I worked for her till Oct, 2008. And, she liked my work and recommended me to Harvard University's Professor. Then, i left IIM-B in Oct. and joined Harvard project in Bhopal. That was a good and first worked experience with Harvard professors. But, in two months we have collected some data and analysied it and the data did not produce expected results, and unfortunately, we have to close the project. Then, finally, the professor of economics from Harvard called me in Chennai to have a final discussion on Bhopal projects and move forward in another projects. That was a great movement for me, when i have a full two hours meeting with them. And, by luck/efforts/honesty/kirpa, till now i am working with them on a poverty reduction projects in India.

I would like to share the way of working and teachings of Harvard professors in following line, what i have learnt and observed:

"Innovation, quality of work, independent work, tries to work on ideas, always testing & doing, and very professional in decision making and implementation". This is my perspective, Other’s may differ!.

So, my last experience was working for Harvard projects (IDEA42 team) as a Project Manager on IFMR ( platform. All credit goes to God (waheguru) and an honest life. Even in future whatever is going to happen, I am sure and accept everything, because everything is managed by our master. And he is always right. I don’t have any question on it.

Every successful person has a painful story.

Every painful story has a successful ending.

Accept the pain and get ready for success.

"This is my life, a gift from God........ and, i am trying to encash this with God-will or honesty"

I will share my further experiences in a short moment.

Hi, i am back,

You will be amazed to hear this, After my professional studies, I attended around 50 interviews and could not cleared any one except 1 call center. Since 2006, I have got experience of three different and high ranked institute experience with high salary, it is all possible as per of my work performance, I did not appeared for any interview. In every interview, I, always suggest a choice for new company like test me at work as an intern, give me at least 1 month to prove my work and then if you think i am capable to do that then take me. And, no one is ready to take this risk or step. 



Thank you for giving your time to read me.


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