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Start at Noida sector 30
December 26 2010 Start at Noida sector 30

New start from Sec 30, Noida, India


Dear Friends,

By chance, I got a job at IQOR. Which is not @all my cup of tea. But still, everything is a gifted by your owner of soul, and this job is giving me a survival on the Earth. Lets have some positive points on this, I am going to improve communication & negotiation skills with multiple tasks, Pro-activeness, Lateral thinking, Creativity etc.  Here, We will negotiate with Americans on their outstanding debts.

Lets talk about how I got this job. Since, Nov/2009, when I left last company IFMR, I was searching for jobs and also doing some short term research assignments for Chicago University. I spent two to three months in searching and giving interviews, I have given around 10 interviews which were perfectly matching to my goals and demands. But, fortunately, I could not be selected to any one as I never cleared any interview in life. By this, I also learned that:

If you miss an opportunity 

don't fill the eyes with tears. 

It will hide another better opportunity in front of you

And, in the mid of Jan, 2010 I came back to my home (for eating & staying with family), Indore. At home, I thought, lets do whatever you get in KPO as a research work, I decided to change my profile. And, also on 17th Jan, when i arrived at home, I went for a ICICI bank walk in interviews, there, in two days of walk in ICICI bank received 9000 applications and they are calling for interivew if they find some thing good in the CV. On this day, I submitted my CV at 10:30 am. And, waiting for interview call, Then, at around 3 pm, while we are discussing with recruitment process staffs, I got my batch who is working in ICICI bank since 3 years at Indore branch and i was totally unaware, he seen me and call hey Perwinder, what are doing here, hows your job going? and I was shocked, he is my batch mate, oh God. Then he told i will process your cv, wait here for half an hour. And, finally, i got an another interview with ICICI. It was good. But i have to wait for at least two months for joining call. And, I could not wait for two months more, it may be reject. 


I started to look for research posts in KPO/BPO in Delhi and Mumbai only. After 2 to 3 weeks, I came across to a job which was titled as Research Associate and the profile was totally matching to my skills. I called to company and phone picked by a girl, i talked to her for this position and she said i need to go to IQOR website and give the online test. I said Ok and thanks for this. On the same day, I gave the test. After a week on 5th Feb, i got an offer letter from them, it says you are recruited as a Trainee, your salary is Rs.9000/month in training period then It will increase by 33% + other benefits, If you are interested, start your job from 8th Feb morning 9:30 am. And, You know, in this letter no contact information given to whom I can talk about the profile. They have just given the address of office and an email id for further queries, well, I wrote to them about the profile and career path. But no response, and same day I took the decision and booked the train ticket to Noida to join this company. But, before going, I should look for some staying arrangements, which should near to the company. I started calling to my Sikh circle's known & unknown friends and by god-will, I got one, who is my known by one month. And, another since two years. On the arrival day, 7th Feb, I stayed in Faridabad at a friend house, (I have done a first time email communication to this person one month back on a kirtan group). He even don't know anything about me however for the help he is always ready to anyone at any point of time, he picked me up from the railway station at 4:30 am. On 7th Feb, I got a beautiful welcome by waheguru ji (God) also, on this day, there was a programe going on by Dodra Kirtan Group, and it was a last day. I am really thankful to my friend who given me this chance to have congregation of peaceful souls.  

The first day of my job at IQOR, goes very well and it seems like I was sitting in a call center kind of company with well trained professionals. That day we have around 50 people in the training room, I thought there will be various positions they hired for. Then, we have served with a free meal by IQOR and half day. The first day, I was wondering about the profile and where I would be locating.

                                                                                                      Next day, afternoon, finally, I asked to one of trainer that Sir, how many days this training will go on and after that where, we are going to locate? He said this training will be for a week or two n then you all will go to calling floor for a test. Then I asked, Sir, I applied for Research Associate post, trainer asked, where? I said, well, at IQOR only. He said Whatttttttt? We dont hire any research staff, we are a collection agency, and we do calls & collect debt from US people on the behalf of a collection agencies and original creditors. Then, he asked me, what you are looking for at IQOR? and who took your interview, and I was totally out of words, what should I say now. I didn't have any option to accept this job, because this job is the food for me in Noida city. I said, Its ok, Sir, nice to talk to you, I would like to improve my communication skills and want to earn money, have great day, thanks. Then, he was very happy to had these expectation from me.

Next day, I got a very beautiful staying arrangement at Noida (very unexpected, comfortable, economical, and also with the congregation of Sikhs), which is arranged by one of my two year old friend. In fact, it is like a home. You will have kitchen, hot water for bathing, a maid (for cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning house, everything). So, here you can see the gifts as an arrangement from God.

Here, my teacher (Gurbani) says:

Gwl n imilE syv n imilE imilE Awie AicMqw ]

ghaal n miliou saev n miliou miliou aae achinthaa |

We cannot meet the Lord by our own efforts, nor can we meet Him through service; He comes and meets us spontaneously. 

In simple language it says, god is not like any physical structure, no picture. It is a positive will power residing in your body. In the above lines, you can read about 'own efforts', yes, you need to continue your own efforts but don't be a egoistic, excessive pride due to one's possessions or selfish that you have done this or you are doing bettor from others. Dear friend, this sentence teaches you about the humbleness towards your deeds which is given by your original creator. And, he is transferring those fruits/success on it. 



You know, he always take care of you, everywhere, anywhere, any time. You just need to act, he will open the door for you. He always give smile on you. You need to understand the life, which is given by him and his will.

So, now i am at IQOR as a Jr.Agent also a research consultant for Chicago University (part time). Soon I will let you know about his (God) next step for me.....

Mistakes are painful when they happen

But year's later collection of mistakes is called experience, which leads to success.


Thanks for your time to read this.

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