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Gobind Ki Aisi Kaar - Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at Delhi
Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji Kanpuri at Delhi
swrg mhlw 4 ] goibd kI AYsI kwr kmwie ] jo ikCu kry su siq kir mwnhu gurmuiK nwim rhhu ilv lwie ]1] rhwau ] goibd pRIiq lgI Aiq mITI Avr ivsir sB jwie ] Anidnu rhsu BieAw mnu mwinAw joqI joiq imlwie ]1] jb gux gwie qb hI mnu iqRpqY sWiq vsY min Awie ] gur ikrpwl Bey qb pwieAw hir crxI icqu lwie ]2] miq pRgws BeI hir iDAwieAw igAwin qiq ilv lwie ] AMqir joiq pRgtI mnu mwinAw hir shij smwiD lgwie ]3] ihrdY kptu inq kptu kmwvih muKhu hir hir suxwie ] AMqir loBu mhw gubwrw quh kUtY duK Kwie ]4] jb supRsMn Bey pRB myry gurmuiK prcw lwie ] nwnk nwm inrMjnu pwieAw nwmu jpq suKu pwie ]5]4]

Saarang, Fourth Mehla: This is the way to work for the Lord. Whatever He does, accept that as true. As Gurmukh, remain lovingly absorbed in His Name. ||1||Pause|| The Love of the Lord of the Universe seems supremely sweet. Everything else is forgotten. Night and day, he is in ecstasy; his mind is pleased and appeased, and his light merges into the Light. ||1|| Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, his mind is satisfied. Peace and tranquility come to abide within his mind. When the Guru becomes merciful, the mortal finds the Lord; he focuses his consciousness on the Lord's Lotus Feet. ||2|| The intellect is enlightened, meditating on the Lord. He remains lovingly attuned to the essence of spiritual wisdom. The Divine Light radiates forth deep within his being; his mind is pleased and appeased. He merges intuitively into Celestial Samaadhi. ||3|| One whose heart is filled with falsehood, continues to practice falsehood, even while he teaches and preaches about the Lord. Within him is the utter darkness of greed. He is thrashed like wheat, and suffers in pain. ||4|| When my God is totally pleased, the mortal tunes in and becomes Gurmukh. Nanak has obtained the Immaculate Naam, the Name of the Lord. Chanting the Naam, he has found peace. ||5||4||

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