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Gatka - Sikh Martial Art at Nihaal 2012 by khalsa at Delhi
Added: 1st October 2012
Posted By: ssbawa
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Gatka performance at Nihaal 2012, New Delhi

Tags: gatka, martial, art, nihaal, 2012, delhi, sikh
22.Dec.2012  Andaaz-e-Sikhi 2012 - various at Mohali
Added: 20th December 2012
Posted By: ssbawa
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A multifaceted sikhi event at Mohali

Tags: andaaz, sikhi, gatka, turban, competition, personality
Gatka Sikh Martial art - Khalse Anandpur Wale at NiHAAL 2013
Added: 11th May 2013
Posted By: ssbawa
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Magnificent performance by Khalse Anandpur Wale at nihaal 2013

Tags: gatka,martial art,sikh,nihaal,2013